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Welcome to my website!

Hello!  I am Felecia Bell Rutkowski and I want to thank you for visiting my website.  My passion and mission is to see people "Walk in Health.”  It is their God-given right.  A normal healthy body naturally heals from most types of conditions - whether illness or injury.  If a person has a health condition that is not healing, there must be a barrier to healing.  That's what has to be identified, and then the body has to be supported to overcome that  barrier to healing.  No matter what supplements you take, or healing methods you employ, if you don't identify and remove the barriers to healing, you can't reach your health potential. 

My Story

My journey to natural health as a lifestyle began years ago when I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), a condition which caused me to suffer debilitating pain with diminished energy levels.  I had started to believe this was something I had to live with.  In time, I learned that IBS was in fact nutrition related.  Armed with this new information, I sought out the help of a Nutritionist in 1994 and that decision put me on a path that changed my life.  

"I had always been active and  fairly health-conscious,
as I studied more about nutrition, I discovered that I was just skimming 
the surface."

As my interest in the field of nutrition expanded, I was introduced to a new way of looking at food.  I began to understand how my body processed different types of foods and what happened in my body when I ate a meal.  I learned that my diminished energy levels were also a result of my diet, which further affected my body's ability to repair itself and provide me with the sense of well-being I needed for my life.  As I continued to learn, I began to apply this knowledge to my own lifestyle; and I that's when I started feeling better and having more stamina and energy for life. 

Through personal experience and self-witness to the dramatic changes that can occur when you take control of your diet and nutrition; I became committed to learning more and continuing my journey to a healthier life.  It's now my mission to support you as you learn to walk in health.

My Background

I am a board certified Holistic Nutritionist with a Master in Science.  I attended Carnegie-Mellon University, University of California Los Angeles, Point Park University and Clayton College of Natural Health.  I graduated cum laude with a degree in Fine Arts.  I am certified in Advanced Clinical Training from Ulan Nutritional Systems and hold certification in Basic Iridology, Master Clinician Status in Nutrition Response Testingsm as well as Autism Solutions for children and Cardio Vascular Physiology.   I am a member of The National Association of Nutrition Professionals.

May God Bless you on your journey to "Walk in Health!"

Walk in Health salutes our
CLIENT OF THE MONTH who answers the question:

Can MS be cured?

J.W. Secaucus, NJ

It is hard to know where to begin but here goes: For years I hadn’t been feeling great but as is typical of most nurses we refuse to believe that we could ever get sick. Denial was my closest friend. Finally one day a surgeon asked me what was wrong with my leg. I told him “nothing is wrong”. He said “Of course there is, you are walking like someone with a foot drop. You aren’t picking your foot up.” Every step I took I was slapping my foot down hard because I couldn’t hold it up all the way.

I slowly started to acknowledge that there might be a problem but still did nothing about it until a few months later when I experienced the worst headache of my life. This was not a normal headache but felt like someone whacked me in the back of the head with a baseball bat. I was also very very dizzy. Nothing relieved it unless I lay down and didn’t move. Finally it was time to find a doctor. Being a nurse I just knew that the 2 problems were related and in the back of my mind I already knew the diagnosis.

After weeks of office visits and multiple tests I received the news that I expected: Multiple Sclerosis. Very scary word but somehow I had a peace about it. It was now April 2010.

My neurologist wanted me to go on the new drugs that are available for MS. Mind you, the drugs don’t cure it, they just lengthen the time between attacks. They are also very expensive and have more side effects than I have room to list. I told him that the drugs scared me more than the disease. I refused the drugs.

In October 2010 I was still having a lot of difficulty walking, balance issues, and dizziness. My coworker suggested I see Felecia Bell Schafer, the Nutritionist at Walk In Health. I figured it couldn’t hurt and at the very least I would start to eat a healthier diet.

That was 15 months ago! What has happened during that time? I started following a new diet by avoiding lots of foods that I loved like bread, pasta, rice, sugar, and cheese. I didn’t measure anything or count calories. I also started taking a ton of nutritional supplements. Sometimes I felt like my life revolved around swallowing pills.

What changed? I lost 15 pounds!!!! I never thought I needed to lose weight but I went from 139 to 124 in a year. My good cholesterol went up and my bad cholesterol went down.  My hot flashes went away! Felecia said they would but I didn’t believe her! 

Is there a cure for Multiple Sclerosis? My neurologist will tell you no. I will tell you that my MRI shows no progression of the disease. I will tell you that I have no more headaches or dizziness. I am walking better and even made it to the top of the mountain on a November hiking trip. And Lord willing I am going on a medical mission trip to Africa in April 2012.

The Lord has a magnificent plan for my life and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

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Do you suffer with Allergies?  

If so, then you are going to want to read this story recently sent in by the mother of an 18 year old client.  

As you know, over the past few years our daughter has tested positive in blood tests for gluten intolerance.  I was never clear whether the blood markers were indicative of celiac, but from the conversations with the doctors over the past few years, it certainly sounded so.  She was retested a few weeks ago and the doctor ordered a more precise, predictive, series of blood work which all came back NEGATIVE!  This essentially means that she does not have celiac disease and no longer a measurable intolerance to the substance.  Interestingly, she had eliminated gluten from her diet since 2008 and the blood work still came back positive.  I can only assume that the nutritional support she has received from your program made the difference.  Her seasonal allergies are also gone, which is amazing since this has been a very difficult season for allergy sufferers.  Her heartburn has also dissipated.  Seems we are on the right track.   Thank you!

L.G. Montclair, NJ
Felecia and her nephew, Harrison
Reaching the top of the mountain in health! Nov 2011