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My approach, in helping you discover what the cells of your body actually need to thrive, rebuild and repair, is a three-fold process:

1. Heart Rate Variability (HRV) – This is a non-invasive, quantitative assessment of the Autonomic Nervous System.  It’s an ideal tool for wellness assessment and also helps to determine how well a person will respond to a natural health improvement program. HRV is a unique modality for measuring and monitoring fitness for a broad range of consumers:
  • From working moms and dads to professionals in the public eye seeking to gain and/or maintain their edge;
  • From the sick and elderly, working to regain or preserve their health and vigor;
  • To amateur sports/fitness fans, trying to stay in shape;
  • As well as professional athletes, seeking to improve their training and performance in pursuit of world records.

2. Nutrition Response Testingsm  – This analysis is accomplished by applying slight pressure to the body's own neurological reflexes and acupuncture points.  The neurological reflexes are derived from the part of the nervous system whose job is to regulate the function of each and every organ.  Nutrition Response Testingsm reveals localized areas of stress, weakness or dysfunction involving a particular organ or body part.  Nutrition Response Testingsm is recommended because it specifically identifies areas that would benefit from nutritional support.

3. Body Systems Analysis (BSA) – This analysis is based on an individual's specific awareness of what's happening in their own body.  I ask a number of questions and the answers correspond to a specific organ system, i.e., respiratory, digestive, hepatic, structural, etc.  This is another modality to confirm what the body may be lacking nutritionally and how a designed clinical nutrition program can be of benefit. 

In my practice I carry two product lines, both of which utilize whole, enzymatically-active, food supplements containing essential whole vitamin complexes, phytonutrients and minerals providing a natural balance of synergistic nutrients.  It is the quality of these nutrients that determines potency.  These products are only available through healthcare professionals.

New Client “Initial Consultation & Health Analysis”
Visit: 1-1 ½ hours  (approximately)
Cost:  $160.00

  • Body Systems Analysis (BSA) (Includes Analysis/Discussion of current eating plan)
  • Heart Rate Variability, (HRV) (Includes Analysis/Discussion of current exercise regimen)
  • Nutritional Response Testingsm Evaluation 

Home Visit/Consultation:
Cost:  $200.00 per hour

  • Body Systems Analysis (BSA) (Includes Analysis/Discussion of current eating plan)
  • Heart Rate Variability, (HRV) (Includes Analysis/Discussion of current exercise regimen)
  • Nutritional Response Testingsm Evaluation

 “Report of Findings” Visit: 30 minutes
Cost: Free 

  • Discuss the findings of reports and tests 
  • Determine length of Program
  • Discuss dietary adjustments
  • Packages available for certain goals
  • Recommendations

“Follow-Up” Visits:15 - 30 minutes
Cost: $55.00 per visit

  • Menu & Meal Planning
  • Nutrition Response Testingsm Follow-up
  • Analysis of Progress, Healing and Observations
  • Shopping Tips & Restaurant Guidelines
  • Questions and Answers/ Consultation 
Nutritional Deficiencies

Malnutrition is an increasing problem in the United States due to the refining of foods, dietary indiscretion, and the depletion of the soil in which foods are grown.
The problem is insidious in nature, often not resulting in a classic malnutrition disease, but causing a general loss of health. 

There are times when a chemical imbalance can occur from taking too much of a certain nutritional supplement.  Nutritional supplements should be recommended based on your body's actual needs.

Do you take a Calcium Supplement?  Do you know if your body is actually absorbing and utilizing what you are taking?  Did you know that there is more calcium in your body than all other minerals combined and that your body needs it for just about every metabolic reaction?  It's also the mineral that a lot of people have trouble with because it can be so hard to absorb.  Are you getting enough Calcium for your body's needs?  Do you know what those needs are?  
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